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Land Use And Zoning

Land Use And Zoning Laws: The Basics

With a background in municipal law, and having been an assistant city attorney, Johnston & Metevia, P.A., has participated in the direct drafting of many of our local municipal planning and zoning ordinances through the years. Our firm has been an innovator in residential, commercial, industrial planned unit developments, community redevelopment area projects and tax incremental financing districts throughout Florida.

How We Can Help

We have been able to assist our clients in creating ways to overcome changes in zoning that affect both legal and illegal conforming and nonconforming uses. Some of these techniques include variances and special exceptions, and temporary permitting, along with interim uses. These have afforded our residential, commercial and industrial clients with flexibility when dealing with local government and its matrix of regulation. We have specialized for almost two decades in successfully representing clients and have an enviable record with successful outcomes in this area of the law. This includes representing clients before Architectural Appearance Committees, for ascetic approvals and distressed properties whose owners are brought before Unsafe Structures and Regulation Boards. We are conversant with geotechnical, environmental, architectural and engineering terms and philosophies, and have worked well over the years within engineering firms, architectural firms, and landscape architectural specialists. We have helped solve problems for clients who often have dimensional challenges with their projects in urban infill areas. By maintaining good relationships with local government leaders, county and municipal employees, we have enjoyed the immediacy of access in bringing our clients’ concerns to the attention of those who can help most effectively in government.

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